As a yoga teacher, I get asked a lot of questions from students. Below are some of the most commonly asked ones.

In case you haven’t found your answer feel free to message me and I’ll be happy to help. 

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What Is YogaMyWorld?

YogaMyWorld.com is online yoga space which is designed to offer a variety of group and personal yoga classes  All classes are live, which allows for a fully immersive, and personalised experience whenever and wherever you like.

I’m Not Flexible, Can I Do Yoga?

Yes! In fact you are a perfect candidate for yoga. Come as you are and you will find that yoga practice will help you become you not only  more flexible, but boost your sense of physical confidence and overall well-being.

What Should I Bring For Practice?

Laptop or mobile device, access to the internet and a safe space to practice yoga. We recommend to use yoga mat and have water in case you feel dehydrated.

How Do I Book One-to-one Classes?

By clicking the menu on the home page and send a message to arrange a consultation. This will give you the opportunity to ask any questions and help me to know what equipment you have available, discuss any injuries or health issues and plan the session a head of time.

What Should I Wear?

Wear clothing that won’t restrict your movement. Breathable, flexible bottoms, like leggings or shorts and long fitted tops or sport bra that give you good support.

How Long Are Yoga Classes?

A standard group yoga class online is 60 min including savasana (relaxation and meditation). Some special classes and workshops last 90 min. 

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